What Do You See?

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What did you see first – a duck or a rabbit?

Psychologists believe that more creative people are able to see both animals quickly while some others will see one quickly and then find it difficult to see the other animal.


This optical illusion known as ‘Kaninchen und Ente’ in German is more than 100 years old and was first published in a German magazine in 1892.


So what do you see?

39 Responses

  1. On the right I see a duck and On the left side, I see a rabbit.
    Well at first I saw a duck, then I tilt the screen and, then I saw a rabbit.

  2. It’s a common optical illusion, and you can quite clearly see both if you concentrate.

  3. That was EASY!I found them both in a second, maybe a millisecond!That was smart.

  4. WOW that is super smart!I saw the duck first then saw the rabbit quickly after.

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