Goat Blamed For Home Invasions

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Kevin the goat from Frankton, near Queenstown, has been accused of a series of home invasions and the destruction of several objects.
Local resident Sam Penny has been the victim of the goat’s shenanigans and has accused Kevin of breaking his guitar, attacking his girlfriend, chewing the door frames in his house and destroying a pot-luck dinner!
Sam explained that he likes to keep his garage door open a little to allow a breeze into the house since it has been so hot. However, Kevin the goat sees the open door as an invitation inside.
Kevin has wandered into Sam’s house three times. During the first visit a lot of damage was done to the door frames (which Kevin thought nice to chew) which needed to be replaced and painted.
The second visit left Sam’s lotto tickets chewed up and mud all over his carpet. During his third visit, Kevin attempted to charge at Sam’s girlfriend and knocked over Sam’s guitar, snapping the instrument’s neck.
The council has advised Kevin’s owner to keep him controlled and ensure that he is fenced in.

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  1. I think Fencing it out the back would be a wise idea don’t you think? So it won’t wonder around the neighbourhood and interfere with others privacy.

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