12,000 bunnies killed during Easter hunt

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Almost 12,000 rabbits have been killed over Easter as part of a giant rabbit hunt.

The hunt was held in Dunstan, Otago and it is the first time the rabbit hunt has been held in the region since 2017.

Traditionally 24 hours long, this year’s Alexandra Lions Club event ran from 8am on Good Friday until Sunday. In total, twenty-five teams of 12 set out shoot as many rabbits as possible.

A total of 11,968 rabbits were shot along with 555 other pests – stoats, possums, turkeys, and more, making for a total of 12,523 animals shot.

The hunt is needed because rabbit numbers are so high in Otago they are considered a pest.

28 Responses

  1. I think Easter Hunts should be banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????

  2. Awh, this is sad I thought Easter was celebrating a bunny not hunting them 🙁

  3. Why do rabbits die? It is pointless to kill rabbits when you have actual meat.

    My brother disappointed me by asking if it was possible to kill my two pet rabbits.

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