11 year old Lemonade Maker

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Have you ever made your own lemonade to sell at the end of your driveway in order to get some money?

Well, 11 year old Mikaila Ulmer from USA has landed a multi-million dollar deal with Whole Foods!

Her ‘Bee Sweet’ lemonade is to be sold in 55 of their US stores.

The young entrepreneur uses the mint, flaxseed and honey lemonade recipe she inherited from her great-grandmother, and gives a portion of her products to foundations that rescue bees.

She calls herself a ‘Bee Ambassador’ and first found fame with her product on ABC’s Shark Tank, where she secured a $60,000 investment from the show.

Mikaila thought up the idea for the lemonade when she was just four years old, when after she was stung twice, she investigated why they sting and was intrigued by their integral role in the ecosystem.

The entrepreneur took part in local competitions until she landed a place on Shark Tank. Since then, she’s served lemonade to Barack Obama, and has won several awards including the African American Harvest Foundation Story Changer award.

14 Responses

  1. I like lemonade.
    Lemonade is so fresh
    And yummy.
    I wonder how you make lemonade.
    Do you squeez the lemonade?
    Next time
    Can you teach me.
    Because i
    Really not know
    And my mom
    Doesn’t allow me
    To make lemonade.
    If you got a medal for making lots of lemonade
    From Diane Lee

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