1000-year-old coins found in Israel

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A group of teenagers in Israel have found 1,000 year old coins.

The teens dug them up during a volunteer dig on a site where new houses are being built.

Hundreds of coins were found.The Israel Antiquities Authority think they’re around 1,100 years old.

They date back to the ninth century and are 24-carat pure gold.

Robert Kool, a coin expert, said they would have bought someone a large house in a nice neighbourhood!

Oz Cohen was one on the teenagers who found the coins.

He said: “I dug in the ground and when I excavated the soil, saw what looked like very thin leaves. When I looked again I saw these were gold coins. It was really exciting to find such a special and ancient treasure.”

Experts think that whoever buried the coins had probably planned to come back for them.

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  1. ok but like i wanna know how much that is worth probably not alot but like it would be a decent amount

  2. imagine, getting up and thinking “Oh god its gonna be a long boring day” and then finding a pile of 24 carut pure GOLD ??

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