10 year old graduates high school

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At the age of 10, most kids are looking forward to starting middle school, but not Tanishq Abraham!

Tanishq recently attended a high school graduation in California…where HE graduated!

At the age of 10 Tanishq now has his high school diploma after acing all his high school subject – straight As!!

Tanishq says he’s proud of his achievement but that it wasn’t all that hard.

His parents knew he was very smart from a really young age, have no trouble learning new things and scoring a pretty great score on an IQ test he took at the age of 4.

Tanishq skipped first grade after kindergarten and began taking math classes with fourth and fifth graders.

He was then pulled out of school to be home schooled at the age of 7 because his classes were not challenging him enough.

He was also enrolled at a community college, which he still attends. He is now only 5 classes short of getting his associates degree.

Tanishq plans to go to the University of Califoria and then onto medical school, however he also would like to one day be president.

What do you think? Could this mini genius one day be the youngest ever President of the United States?

Article written by  D Mulhern

34 Responses

  1. No, the kid would have to 35 years old to be come a President. And also, if he did become a Presidents at the age, say 12, he would have a lot of pressure controlling a city. He would also have to study politics and all of the correct degrees.

  2. Omg he’s so smart wish I was as smart as he was when he was 8 cause I still in middle school

  3. well done so surprised, wow at the age 10 i cant even wow cant believe it.can i have your brain hahahahaha

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