10 Great things from 2016

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 Sometimes news agencies just focus on the bad things that happen.
Here at Kiwi Kids News we like to focus on the positive news stories that happen every day.
Below are ten true stories from 2016 that show what an amazing planet we live on, filled with fantastic people.
  1. The problem of flying poo has been stopped in India – click here

2. The first drone hammock was created – click here

3. The world onesie record was broken – click here

4. The record for the shortest song makes in the top 100 was broken – click here

5. The secret to KFC’s great tasting chicken has been found – click here

6. Australia is moving further away from New Zealand. Surely this is a good thing! – click here

7. World’s oldest twins turned 103 – click here

8. World’s ugliest colour named – click here

9. The international space station completed 100,000 orbits of earth – click here

10. Fart proof undies developed in the United Kingdom – click here

2 Responses

  1. I think it is a really good to look on the good side of things, because one day there might not be any good things. Lots of things on the 10 great things from 2016 people don’t know because other people tell them all the bad things.

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